Why choose EMCE?

While software technology is our passion, we’re no strangers to EMS education and the challenges faced by program directors, clinical coordinators, and students. Over 20 of our combined 35+ years developing software have been spent working closely with EMS educators in programs of all sizes. We understand the importance of accreditation, research, and simply training the most competent graduates—so they can help deliver the best possible outcomes for patients.

We believe that when crafted properly, the best technology is easy to learn and use. Ours will empower you and your students to focus on important learning activities, without spending extraordinary amounts of time learning how to use yet another competency tracking system. We’d like to emphasize our focus on EMS. We’re here just for you.

EMCE is a modern software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform with apps that can run on any device. Backed by the latest cloud computing, mobile, and web technologies, we deliver world-class reliability. EMCE is fast, accurate, and can save you hours of time. With our small team, we take pride in our ability to deliver personal attention to our customers. We’ve built EMCE to be flexible and adaptable to your program’s specific needs, and ever-changing state and national requirements.

Ben Getsug, Founder & CTO
Mike Mayne, Founder