Streamlined student evaluations.
Timesaving internship scheduling.


EMCE is for everyone

No matter your role, our simple and intuitive software allows you to work quickly and report accurately, so you can focus on what's most important.

Program Directors

  • Set up your organization in minutes
  • Easily onboard faculty and students
  • Customize program requirements
  • Track student progress via real-time reports

My team wanted me to include how grateful they are for your application. The time and effort this will save not only our staff but our students is tremendous, and they are very happy to be using your app.

Clinical Coordinators

  • Flexible scheduling and attendance tracking
  • Allow students to create their own schedules, assign them manually, or let students choose from your premade schedule
  • Student clinicals are time and location-stamped for easy and accurate reporting
  • Share schedules with other programs and clinical or field locations

EMCE’s skills tracking is flexible as far as customizing for our needs, and easy to navigate. The scheduling is easy to manipulate and is user-friendly for our students and the patient documentation reflects real life electronic charting software. I challenge you to find an organization that has better customer support!


  • Enter student evaluations or quickly approve student-entered evals from your todo list
  • Create “Sim Sessions” to allow multiple evaluators to evaluate multiple students in one patient care scenario
  • Quick bulk entry and bulk approval

Very user-friendly. I have used other platforms and this is a lot easier and the customer support is amazing.


  • Enter the skills you’ve performed and patients you’ve seen into a reliable mobile app that works offline and doesn’t lose your data
  • Track your progress in real-time

I’m jealous [of future students], this program is fantastic!! So much better than [the website my program is currently using]!!! [The website my program is currently using] is a stone tablet compared to this app!!


  • Create a free EMCE account to review shift documentation and evaluate students after clinical or field shifts
  • Or, if you don’t want or need an EMCE account, simply sign off with a digital signature on a student’s device


  • EMS service and hospital staff can view schedules you share with them with or without an EMCE account
  • CoAEMSP site visitors can audit program compliance with clear, easily exportable reports
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Start using EMCE today!

EMCE is free to use by instructors and preceptors.

Students may use the free app to join a cohort and evaluate skill performance in lab. In order to use scheduling and advanced reporting features, visit the Shop (in the web app) to purchase EMCE Pro.

Please contact us for estimates or invoice-first purchasing.


All free features plus Scheduling and Advanced Reporting. Prices are in US dollars.


per student, per cohort


per student, per cohort


per student, per cohort

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